Weekly Events

Dragon Ball Super Locals

Doors open: 3PM
Start Time 5PM
Entry Fee: $5.00
Format: Swiss Bo3 60 minute rounds
     1x Official Tournament Pack Vol. 8
1st Place
       1x Exclusive Deck box
       4x Tournament Pack Vol. 8
2nd Place
       3x Tournament Pack Vol. 8
       1x Exclusive Deck box
3rd – 4th
       2x Tournament Pack Vol. 8
PRIZES Based on 16 Player Tournament
(Prizes Due to Change based on Attendance)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Locals

Doors open: 3PM
Start Time 6PM
Date: Every Wednesday
Entry Fee: $5.00
Format: Swiss Bo3 40 minute rounds
Participation: 1x Current OTS Pack
                           (While supplies last)
**Prizing based off attendance**

MTG Commander League

Doors open: 3PM
Start Time 7PM
Date: Every Friday
Entry Fee: $8.00
Format: Pods of 3-4
Participation: FNM Promo x1 “Standard Format”(While Supplies Last) , Booster Pack x2
Each player places one booster pack in the center of their pod. When “Player A” knocks another player out of their pod, “Player A” then receives 1 knockout point and 1 booster pack from the center of their pod.

Report the number of players you knock out during play. These points add up for the month. For each entry, $1.00 will be put aside each week for a monthly prize pool. The player with the most knockout points at the end of the month wins the entire prize pool.

Game play starts with a 35 minute timer.
During this time players are allowed to use combos to knock all players in their pod out at one time. However they will only get single for the entire pod, then restart the game.

– This is in attempt to elongate game play, and keep things more fun.
After the 35 minute timer is up, a combo out would allow for a point per player and all central packs of their pod.

The final player standing at the table earns the final pack. (If there is one left)

The second pack that you get for participation can either be kept, or you can play a second game and points will continue to be registered. No timer is used on second round pods.

Argent Saga Locals

Doors open: 3PM
Start Time 6PM
Date: Every Saturday
Entry Fee: $5.00
Format: Swiss Bo3 50 minute rounds
**Prizing based off attendance**