World Martial Arts Tournament Sealed Event

※Players can’t use any cards they already own, and can only use entry packs from the store on the day of the tournament. ※Power Booster and any other participation cards can be used in this tournament. *Ban/Restricted list does not apply in sealed/draft events

Doors Open: 3PM
Event Start: 6PM
Date: 6/21/19, 6/30/19

Location: Bottom Dollar Trading Cards
5199 Mahoning AVE
Warren, OH 44483

Entry Fee: $25.00

Format: Swiss Bo3 60 minute rounds

End of Time Procedure: 3 turn rule starting with active player at round end

Participation: WmaT Power Booster x3 WmaT Booster Pack x6 Tournament Pack Vol. 6 x1 BCC Promos

1st – Exclusive Deck Sleeves x1 Alt Art Card x1 Tournament Pack Vol 6. x5 WmaT Power Booster x3

2nd – Tournament Pack Vol 6. x3 Exclusive Deck Box x1 Alt Art card x1 WmaT Power Booster x2

3rd- 4th – Tournament Pack Vol. 6 x2 WmaT Power Booster x1

5th – 8th – Tournament Pack Vol. 6 x1

(8 tournament pack vol. 6, 12 tournament pack vol. 5 and 8 Event Pack 02 will be added to prize pool if participation reaches 8+ players)